The Maryland Entrepreneurs Resource List is a listing of entrepreneurs who are available in the Maryland area in the next 12 months to get involved with a start-up company. The List can be used by innovators who need an entrepreneur to commercialize their technology or by university and federal laboratory technology transfer professionals who want to identify management for a start-up opportunity being developed at their institution. The List also can provide entrepreneurs their next start-up opportunity or a chance to network with and mentor other entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs and mentors who are interested in assisting a start-up company and have at least one or preferably more of the following criteria are eligible to be listed on MERL:

  • Raised money from sophisticated investors as a C-level executive
  • Participated in an exit of a company
  • Two years of start-up experience
  • 5 years of executive experience in an industrial sector
  • 5 years of business experience in a specific area such as regulatory affairs, product development, manufacturing, business development, or marketing and sales.

The program is managed by Linda Saffer

  • Linda Saffer, Ph.D.
  • Program Manager, University Programs
  • 410.715.4175
  • 5565 Sterrett Place, Suite 214
  • Columbia, MD, 21044